In theory, I will expand these entries at some future date – but in case I do not think of a new way to describe the taste of saltwater and the ocean’s chill, at least I’m up to speed on my tally.

#56: College Cove desperation surf – because all sessions at College Cove happen in desperation. The teenage boys had a good time. I paddled around trying to avoid getting flushed and wishing I’d remembered a leash. Pretty day, though. Gorgeous scenery. Sunshine. Warmth. I could not hold on to my curmudgeon feelings in such a setting, lousy as the actual surfing was.

#57: A small day, a mushy day. Meh.

#58: South Beach for the Noll Longboard Classic. Balmy, windless weather, glassy waves. I entered for the first time because it was the final contest. Surprised myself by advancing into the semi-final despite my inability to turn left. (“Step back! Don’t lean!” my friend coached me beforehand. I tried to remember, but leaned nonetheless.) Camped in the rain and surfed in the morning.

#59: Noll Contest semi-final. Onshore, low tide, crumbling, head-high, early morning crud. I placed 4th out of six – not an advance, but not-last equaled a win in my book. The experience taught me a few things, too – like, I can catch a lot more waves in 15 minutes than I’d thought. And reminded me that it’s better to take off and try than let a wave go by that might have been.

Note: Bobby even took photos of me surfing that don’t look terrible! Sadly, no one can find the camera battery charger, so I can’t post them. Sigh. Please enjoy yet another crappy iPhone photo of waves I failed to get into! About that… yes… today… I looked… considered… saw the sets… reconsidered… ended up hassled by the BLM ranger (again)… used up my time… and thus went any chance of surf today.

Shoulda paddled out