Talking Heads here.

After the long night of high blood sugars and 2 a.m. set change, Nick’s blood sugar ended up exactly in the “good” range by morning. I don’t know why the pump system sometimes goes wonky on the third day, but that’s been the only drawback so far. The pump is so much easier, lends so much towards even greater self-sufficiency by Nick, that at times I worry we’re slipping into taking for granted everything’s fine. The nights that force us out of slumber also push us out of complacency. Modern medicine may assure Nick’s ability to lead as normal a life as possible, but management is not the same as a cure.

I’m so grateful his medical expenses have been mostly covered. I owe the politicians and activists who have fought, still fight, to define health care as a right in our rich society. Without Medi-Cal and Healthy Families, we’d be where? The ER visit, the medevac flight, the hospital stay? The insulin, sharps and other supplies? The glucometer and pump? We’ve incurred well over $100,000 in medical bills (the insane cost of medical care and supplies being what it is), but thanks to the foresight and compassion of some – and the “luck” of being low-income enough, we’ve been able to take care of him. Perhaps our options are not what they could be, but I’m grateful nonetheless – he is alive, after all. And I am hopeful we’re moving towards a time when all people in this country have access to this need on par with food, water and shelter. With a bit more luck, Bobby and I will continue to scrape by with good enough health. (We still owe several hundred dollars for his asthma-related ER trip to MRCH, but currently, everyone’s breathing all right.) I worry, though. Kaylee’s covered under Healthy Families (hopefully the program won’t get axed), but Chelsea’s too old. At least we have Open Door and Planned Parenthood – stalwarts of a system stretched too thin, but something.