I am from the windswept dunes
Mossy forests creeping up the yellow sides

I am from pocky and Tai food
From eating spicy ramen on late nights
Pancakes and hot-root soup

I am from playing with my Beanie Babies
Tiny clay food for Chiquita and her “family”

I am from the back porch
Drenched in rain
Or lathered in the warm sunlight
That spills onto our overgrown lawn

I am from the MacFarlands
The full moon, a thieves’ lantern
I am from the Sauvages
From France to Irish shores

I am from the sweltering deserts of the south
To the foggy north beaches

I am from disappointment
Sorrow and disbelief
When the letter from Hogwarts never came in the mail
When Peter Pan never showed at my window

I am from agitation and worry
As the stolen cat lay curled up in my lap
I am from panic, from horror
Watching Brian being hurried across the sand
Clutching the bloody arm that the shark bit

I am from remorse
Carrying Ginger out to the field to bury her
I am from grief
Learning of Obito’s death

I am from hand-me-downs and thrift stores
From “I love you” to “Sweet dreams” and “Goodnight”

I am from laughter and being carefree
From my friends’ happiness

I am from Naruto and Bleach
Jigoku Shoujo and Wolf’s Rain
I am from my empty house
Save for me, watching anime on the computer for hours

I am from the Creek
From our guardian Alder tree
To the old rusty pipes we use as bridges

I am from long-ago-abandoned railroad tracks
Journeying over blackberry vines along ancient paths

I am from imaginary worlds
From stories I long to be part of
I am from wishes and dreams
Endless fantasies that are vain hopes

I am from the hand I hold
From the shoulder I lean on
The face I smile at

I am from Mom and Dad
Chelsea and Nick
I am from the people in my life
Who made it so I could be from