(Writing in a “something is better than nothing” frame of mind, wishing a creative epiphany would somehow make this all sound more interesting.)

I had the best surf on New Year’s Day. Perfect size (head-high to head-and-a-half) and intensity (just enough to catch the waves easily, but gentle enough that a wipeout wouldn’t destroy me) for me. I had a quick session because I was on deadline and needed to get to work, but what a fun, fun time. If only I could have a week/month/year like that! Perfect way to start 2007. One thing though – a new wetsuit needs to happen soon. I froze from the moment I entered the water and never warmed up.

I’m too cold to sleep right now. The fire’s out. I could go sleep in bed, where I’d be warmer, but I’m trying to stay near Nick, hence my campout on the futon. He came downstairs with a stomachache and is sleeping on the couch. I’d already fallen asleep in the living room, three pages into a new book, and didn’t hear him calling to me from upstairs. He was quite upset when he came down, so I’m making sure to sleep in the same room. I keep listening to him breathe, feel his head for signs of clamminess, trying to intuit his blood sugar level from observation. He’s been running just slightly lower than previous weeks; I’m guessing we might have to adjust his insulin again, but nothing’s definite yet.

When he’s doing well, I worry my vigilance will slip. My attention is spread thin right now. Much as I’m ready to move on from the holidays, I haven’t even put Christmas stuff away. I think I need a couple days off to catch up on my life: pay bills, buy food, clean the house, recycle – all the stuff that’s so unsatisfying when it’s all one does, but reaches catastrophe level quickly when ignored. I haven’t dealt with any of the DMV stuff I need to, I’m gearing up for a fight with the student loan people tomorrow, and my trunk is stuffed full of boxes and packing peanuts (why some people still use those, I don’t know).

Thinking aloud again. Time to say good night.