Managed to offer the readers some of The Big Fat Liar’s magic on page 12, thanks to the fine camera lens of TMc. The number of photos precluded an in-depth review, but I figure if we take the whole 1,000 words thing into consideration, everyone comes out ahead.

The interview with Dustin Arbuckle (Moreland, Arbuckle & Floyd play the Alibi on Sunday) turned out shorter than I expected after spending an hour on the phone with him. Mostly, I just wanted to say, “I love this music! I love these kinds of blues! If you don’t feel the same, obviously some essential part of your soul has been cauterized! Come be healed!” but that looks really silly on the page. I’ll have to bust ass this week and get the pages done earlier so I can make the Sunday show.

T and I had hoped to finish early last night so we could see Diamond Lane – a San Jose power trio who takes their rock Very Seriously. But we didn’t make it. However, I did hear after the fact that they brought their own light show (at the Alibi?!) and had floor fans blowing their hair while they played.

Probably best heard about, rather than heard.