Stew – Clear Blue Day in Limbo
M Ward – Sad, Sad Song
Mason Jennings – Nothing
The Ditty Bops – Walk or Ride

Keren Ann – Roses and Hips

Nick Cave – Spell
Devil Makes Three – Bullet

Over the Rhine – Looking Forward
The Duhks – Mists of Down Below
Masha Qrella – Last Night
Blanche – Bluebird

Redbird – Patience
Catie Curtis – Patience
Morphine – You Look Like Rain

Regina Spektor – Flowers
Jack Johnson – Better Together
The Mammals – Chan Chan
Sari Baker – Oak Tree

Lila Nelson – Still Got the Farm (Lila’s playing Friday at The Metro)
(Note to self: Figure out where this trouble speaking come from and seek help.)
Two Gallants – You Losing Out (on the second attempt… show falling apart)
Lowlights – Emily

The Mammals – Father William
*Aimee Mann – Going Through the Motions
Frank Black Francis – Where Is My Mind

Inara George – A Day
Ani diFranco – Knuckle Down
*Wilco – Ashes of American Flags