57472530771__B7B3DDE1-23E3-47BC-A20E-734587E3EC6CThe schedule
Humboldt to San Francisco to Cambria to Sacramento to San Clemente to Imperial Beach to Santa Ana to Sacramento to San Francisco over the course of 10 days.

The events I’d need to pack for
Girls’ getaway weekend
Big deal professional day in Sacramento
Surfrider all-staff meeting
Tour of the Tijuana River Valley with VIPs


In hindsight
I did not need to bring all my earrings.
Nor so many dresses.
Or even both pairs of jeans!
Total Arthur Less moment with the resistance bands.
Also, the still-weeping, quarter-sized blister on my heel reminded me that no matter how well-made and despite the great deal, boots that don’t fit will leave one with regret. (Damn, they looked good, though.)
And I should’ve committed to either staying in SoCal or returning north in advance rather than risk decision paralysis weighing the pros (sun! friendly surf! friendly coworkers! friendly friends!) against the cons (rain! giant swell! living out of a suitcase! rental car expense! “real” life!) up until the last minute.

For next time
Let “fewer, better” guide me.
Do the yoga.
Write stuff down along the way.
Don’t forget the soft racks because when your friends say, “No, no, it’s cool,” because you have to pull over for the 1000th time on the I5 to fix the half-assed strap-pad system you rigged up so that you could bring your surfboard, what they actually mean is, “Are you kidding me?!”
Don’t wear the painful boots; put the money saved on bandaids and ointment toward buying a used surfboard to stash at HQ.

Left behind
Water bottle
Bikini top

Left behind on purpose due to it being a rather irritating book
The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

One Wise Surfboard pad (sorry)