img_2846One of the benefits of working from home is that when the clouds over the bay turn pink and orange promising a sunrise of particular beauty, I can bring my laptop to my bed and admire the view while still sticking to my self-imposed schedule of productivity. Sure, driving over to some vantage point along the water and shooting a photo or 20 to post to social media also appeals, but lately I’ve been content to admire the beauty without feeling compelled to capture it.

The shadows of the little birds fluttering about the trees animate my bedroom wall. The sunlight illuminates the condensation built up around the window sills – a problem, to be sure. I spent some time yesterday Googling how to remove mold and mildew from windows and sills. It will take some effort, quite a bit of effort, but such is life, yes? And we can’t live breathing mold spores, especially not with Bobby’s asthma worsening lately.

He’s uncovered by health insurance – adding him to what work provides me costs far more than we can afford, but the fact that I have health insurance through work excludes us from Covered California subsidies making that option similarly unaffordable. The system is fucked. I hope California’s new governor (heya Gavin Newsom!) succeeds with his promise to make health care possible for all Californians. My oldest daughter also lacks health care coverage and of course, I fear for my son, whose medical supplies don’t always arrive on time despite his Medi-Cal (or whatever it’s called now) and despite the fact that his needs have been more or less the same for years. Navigating through the pharmacy-doctor-supply-company maze takes time and patience that he doesn’t always have (especially the latter). No one with a chronic illness should be burdened with taking on medical system bureaucracy simply to survive.

I’m allowing myself some optimism. Yes, the federal landscape remains a nightmare, the shutdown obscene. But the scenes from our new Congresspeople’s swearing-in cheered me like nothing else political over the past two years. And Newsom’s off to an excellent start. And it’s Monday morning and the week stretches out ahead full of possibility. And the sun shines bright across the water as little birds flit among the trees. What could I feel but some hope?