1. Reading at night helps you sleep better than Netflix.
  2. Writing is an excellent – and affordable – form of therapy.
  3. (Sometimes you need a professional.)
  4. Bullies are stupid, always.
  5. Moving your body improves your mood.
  6. Moving your body outside improves your mood immensely.
  7. Transitioning from shy girl to brave girl takes time, is worth all the new paths that open up.
  8. Staying brave in this world isn’t easy, but you must be.
  9. Love and sex and commitment and loss are all as complicated as they’re made out to be, despite efforts otherwise.
  10. People adore wildly sentimental weddings, so have one.
  11. You do not need to wear your baby.
  12. Your children will remember if you don’t show up.
  13. Kids are often insane.
  14. Good parenting requires a certain amount of love and security; beyond that, no perfect recipe exists.
  15. Loving other creatures so much hurts your heart.
  16. You cannot protect your children from all harm.
  17. That is the worst thing ever.
  18. In fact, much of life unfolds regardless of your efforts to bend it toward your will.
  19. Hard work continues to be the thing that pays off.
  20. Friends also make for an excellent investment.
  21. The things that bug you about your partner will never change and neither will the things you love; decide which you want to attend to.
  22. That Isak Dinesen quote – “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea” – may be the truest thing ever said.
  23. The following items do not determine the entirety of your quality of life, but are key players: affordable and comprehensive health insurance, dental care, a safe and running car, the ability to pay your bills, having cash left over for fun.
  24. The clichés turn out to be right: All the time you spend trying to make your face beautiful, but it’s the hours improving your heart and brain that people truly respond to.
  25. Living exhausts you sometimes.
  26. Knowing you have it better than many doesn’t preclude you from wanting more.
  27. Knowing you have it better than many means try to be less of an asshole about it.
  28. Knowing you have it better than many obligates you to find ways to help those with less.
  29. Shit, I’m running out of things that I’ve learned.
  30. Another true cliché: The older you get, the more you realize you don’t know.
  31. If you don’t realize that, you may be insufferable – look into that.
  32. You can be right, right, right, right and still unable to win arguments with unreasonable people; learn to walk away.
  33. Staying home on the couch with a book is amazing.
  34. Music alters your mood more rapidly than any drug.
  35. Being “in the moment” is not an excuse to pretend you didn’t know there’d be consequences.
  36. The ability to apologize properly proves useful.
  37. Managing money well staves off a lot of grief.
  38. Having the same problems over a long period of time grows boring – fix them.
  39. The sooner you learn everyone has their own shit to deal with and cut them some slack because of it, the better.
  40. (But you don’t have to accept shitty behavior; don’t hesitate to cut your own losses.)
  41. Being inept at bicycle maintenance doesn’t make you a bad person!
  42. Learning to do stuff improves your life.
  43. Spend your energy on the people you aspire to be like.
  44. Social media less, real life engagement more.
  45. Flood your friends with appreciation on the regular.
  46. Be gracious.
  47. Onward and upward, always.
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