One of the most effective counters to insomnia I’ve found is this trick where you rewind through your day; usually you’ll fall asleep before you get to “Woke up.”

Like this:

(fell asleep)

Listened to Headspace “Sleep Exercise.”

Read some of A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James.

Slid into bed.

Wrote a blog post about insomnia.

Washed my face.

Brushed my teeth.

Put the cream and yogurt in the fridge.

Entered the apartment.

Climbed up the five flights of stairs.

Walked back to Windsor Terrace as occasional raindrops fell.

Left Jen and Tag’s.

Watched the DNC all the way through Hillary’s nomination acceptance speech.

Ate butter cake ice cream.

Ate pasta arrabiata that Tag made.

Arrived at Jen and Tag’s.

Stopped at Union grocery store to pick up tomatoes and garlic, bought coffee, cream and yogurt, too.

Walked back to Park Slope as occasional raindrops fell.

Texted Tag about dinner.

Sort of worked for a minute.

Took a quick shower because so sweaty.

Walked to AirBnB.

Got some curry at Thai Tony’s.

Decided I was hungry.

Headed back toward the AirBnB.

Decided I needed to rest a bit.

Found myself stressing on work matters.

Flipped through New York Magazine, New Yorker, pondered things to do.

Hung out with dear Dudley and Tag.

Bought a plain bagel with walnut-raisin cream cheese at Bagel Hole.

Walked the longest way possible to get from Windsor Terrace to Park Slope through Prospect Park.

Made sure Kaylee made her flight to Costa Rica.

Showered and such.

(woke up)