(Not as happy with Harry’s as I once was.)

My life is good, my life is good, my life is good.

But wow, this trip!

While showering before leaving, I nicked my knee and sliced both ankles shaving with a new razor blade.

I discovered the cat had peed on two of the three pairs of work shoes I own.

When I stopped for a sandwich on the way out of town, I waited 15 minutes before realizing the deli worker had never picked up my ticket from the order basket, at which point I could no longer wait so had to leave hungry.

I went to absentee vote for the first time… in the wrong building.

In Sacramento, I left my friend’s house with plenty of time according to Google Maps, but was thwarted by miles of closed roads due to construction – the app couldn’t keep up with all the rerouting causing me to drive around in a circle and arrive to my workshop five minutes late.

As I left for the lunch break, dizzy with hunger and busy texting, I exited the wrong door, triggering the State Energy Building alarm.

On the way to lunch, I managed to drop first my phone, then my sweater, on the sidewalk while walking.

Post-workshop, I arrived at the hotel to discover the reservation I’d pre-paid for wasn’t in the system, so I paid for the room at the desk, but an hour later the very nice clerk told me the pre-paid had finally shown up, which meant I’d paid twice, which meant 18 minutes on the phone sorting the problem out.

I hit my head on the door jamb while placing the parking permit on the rearview mirror.


On the upside, last night I stayed with a friend who cooked for me, and made me a bed and a cocktail, and provided the best sort of cheer a girl could ask for. Also, I spoke well to stakeholder concerns as part of today’s offshore renewable energy workshop – the whole reason I came to Sacto in the first place.

My life is good.

But I’m not leaving this hotel room.