Losing track again. Drowning in obligations, fun and otherwise, and too busy trying to breathe to breathe.

#51: Crescent City, too hungover from my friend’s annual Dia de Los Muertos party to  truly revel in the perfect, warm, sunny, windless weather or the lovely head-high glassy rights and lefts the ocean served up. A shame. 

#52, #53: The fall continues to boast gorgeous skies and an astonishing lack of wind. 

#54: Tried out my new birthday board. A bunch of friends pitched in and presented me with the orange-and-polka-dotted Flying Fish board I’ve been drooling over for months. Shorter than what I normally right and I need a proper leash tie, but it paddles as beautifully as it looks and gets into waves with ease. Riding it requires some adjustment – and by adjustment, I mean, I’ll need to get better. I feel like a rewarding relationship is in the future.