The sky lightens over the bay, suddenly dawn when just a moment ago the house remained in darkness. Where did the hour go? With the day officially begun, my mind shifts from all that I’d intended to write, words that had come to me while I’d stretched out in bed, words prompting me to get up before everyone else, take advantage of the hour that would only exist for me while the husband and son slumbered.

But first I made tea and then I looked at the news while I drank my tea and now the hour that was mine has turned into the morning that belongs to my responsibilities and I wonder if I can still get out to surf or if I should pick up the farm share first and I need to go to the grocery store so I can get ingredients for something – I know not what yet – to make for a party tonight, and the cats and dog grow progressively more restless wondering why I haven’t fed them yet – and the words I meant to write have evaporated.