Because I am ever displaying my maturity, when some friends teased me about being on Facebook “all the time,” my initial reaction was “Nuh uh!” followed immediately by, “I can too stay off Facebook!”

Look, it’s a timesuck and a distraction, to be sure, but it’s also a great and useful tool in some ways – and enough has been written about the influence of Facebook on our lives that I don’t need to get into it here. Mostly, I try to be mindful about how I use Facebook. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes the bright shiny things people post make my brain go, “Ooooh!” and next thing I know, I’m caught up in the silly.

But not this month! I suppose I should expound upon how liberating it is, how instead of feeling obligated to document and share my every move, I have re-learned how to live in the proverbial moment.

That would be an exaggeration on all fronts, however. True, people who pay attention to my newsfeed have been spared yet more photos of flowers and the ocean. But the three things I miss most have little to do with broadcasting my life: So many people use FB messaging instead of email that a substantive percentage of my communication has been curtailed; Instead of posting a question – “Hey! Anyone an expert at seasoning/reconditioning cast iron pans? I really need help!” – and receiving advice from a self-selected group of experts, I’m forced to trudge through Google results and try to suss out the best course of action myself; I really miss seeing all the photos of people’s trips and families.

Topping it off, my cell phone was swiped out of Jacoby’s Storehouse last week and I have yet to get a replacement. No texts and the only calls I’m making are via the rotary phone (seriously) landline – I’m suddenly living like it’s 1976.

Okay, that’s also an exaggeration.

What’s not an exaggeration is, the evening’s promise to be gorgeous. If anyone’s looking, I’ll be at the beach. Sans phone.

But here’s a photo from last time: