This was funny. Use one-syllable words to write a story beginning with, “The one thing I know for sure…”

The one thing I know for sure is Jack is a tall cool drink of a man. He might not be bright, but he sure is nice to look at. He’s fun, too. Jack laughs a lot. That’s a big change from my last guy, Brad. I mean, look at their names. Jack. That’s a good time. Brad. That’s a man who thinks he’s too good for you. Well, there is that song, Hit the Road, Jack, but my Jack, he’s not like that at all. You don’t hear a song about a guy named Brad, do you? No. No one wants to sing the facts of a guy named Brad. If I wrote a song about Brad, it would not have the word glad in it, but it would have the words sad and cad and I’ve been had. Glad he’s gone, that might work.

But Jack, he’s great. He knows how to kiss. He does not shove his tongue in a girl’s mouth like its some sort of gift he has to pass to you. Jack is soft, then hard, a tease and then takes charge. He holds my hand when we walk. When I walk in the bar and he sees me from the back booth, he lights up. One of the guys might have a joke and is just on the verge of when it gets fun, but as soon as Jack sees me, he stands right up and waves. “Come here, babe!” he’ll say and then plant a kiss on me soon as he can, no cares of who might be in the way. I like that in a man.