Dear Favorite Surf Spot,

Thank you for providing such excellent service today. I especially appreciated that although the waves were only chest-high, they arrived with a juiciness making for fast fun. I also noticed how often they showed up! (If only I could get that sort of consistency in trendy Old Town bars.) The number of people waiting for waves worried me at first, but you made sure we had enough to share. I loved gazing out to the horizon, the sea so glassy that the flat surface melded into the oncoming swells, so that I had to really look to see what was coming. Really, I had a wonderful time. (I won’t be recommending you to anyone though — you understand, of course.)

In return, I picked up a plastic bag and empty Arizona Tea can some thoughtless people had left behind. I’m hoping I can do more. After all you’ve given me, a little cleaning up is the least I can do.