View of Camel from Luffenholz

Who knew Camel Rock could be so fun? Oh, yeah – those 82 other people. But I decided I’d just put myself where I needed to be and, without being an asshole, take whatever waves came my way. It worked. Stupid fun.

Did have a weird interaction before the fun times – a friend of mine and this bald-headed gent were in a heated conversation on the trail where the stairs split. Apparently some words had been exchanged in the line-up, but the guy was accusing my friend of “lying” to people and when he saw me, he demanded to know “what Surfrider thought.”

I asked, “Does this have anything to do with water quality or beach access?” He said, “Absolutely not,” but threatened to “write a letter to Surfrider headquarters.” I have no idea who this guy is and neither does my friend, but he finally went up the stairs and the rest of us went down to catch waves.

Totally weird, though.