This has been The Summer of The Car! If you haven’t seen or heard from me much this summer, here’s why:

June 23-30: SoCal circuit for Bobby’s class reunion, followed by a work meeting in Stockton.

July 15-17: In the hills of SoHum while Nick was at Reggae. (Might not sound like a long drive, but once you leave Briceland Road and start heading up Elk Ridge, believe me, you are way out of town.)

August 12-16: SF-Oakland so the kids could attend the Outside Lands music festival.

August 18-22: Mammoth for a family reunion on my dad’s side.

August 25-30: Ventura by way of Santa Cruz (Nick went to the Atmosphere gig at the Civic Center) for the Surfrider California Chapters conference, to be followed by a couple days in Oxnard with two of my childhood girlfriends who are trekking up and over to see me.

(I missed the Portland writers’ workshop I’d signed up for, too frazzled and broke that first week of August to make yet another trek, especially in light of all the traveling scheduled to follow.)

The first week of September, I plan to alternate between lying on the forest floor hugging on to Humboldt and paddling around the ocean as close to home as possible. Then it’s off to Gustine the next weekend for the annual Portuguese festa, followed by a trip to Redding for work.

Hopefully I’ll squeeze in some writing, here, in between it all. Forgive the boring entry — a mere placeholder.