Just for the record, I am not all about the gloomy. In case I need to point that out. My life has always been a mix of good luck and less so. I am somewhat used to the rollercoaster ride. Last year was particularly fabulous; this year has been especially challenging. But even these past troubled months have served up lovely moments with friends, a trip-of-a-lifetime to New York, and lots of laughter and joy on the ol’domestic front. I continue to love both my main gig and my weekend moonlighting on KSLG. I get to speak to people about taking better care of the ocean and I get to be on the radio. Pretty sweet.

I’ve been surfing a lot.

True, lately I’ve felt that I’m losing both my bearings and my sense of humor. Also true, some problems can’t be fixed and that makes me sad. Other problems have solutions, but finding them requires patience and self-discipline, both of which are hard for me to practice and that makes me grumpy. Some problems fall in between; I can’t fix them alone, but I can act in ways that might help. That means I have to accept some things require me to step up and yet are not completely within my control so results aren’t guaranteed. That scares me and makes me feel lonely.

But I know all this, which is good. (And I’m terribly sleepy, which makes my writing bad!)

Wishing a suitable ending sentence would allow me wrap up this post on just the right self-effacing, slightly-corny-yet-endearing note, but nothing’s coming to mind. So… um… well… good night!