On surfing:  Although the surf, by all accounts, has been excellent, I have not gone out for a variety of reasons, most of which have to do with work, time and a clear need to reconfigure my routine back into one that starts with waves and goes on from there.

On diabetes: My morning routine currently includes turning on the kettle for tea, feeding the dog and the cats, and climbing upstairs to make sure Nick is okay. Depending on how late his last blood sugar check at night was, I sometimes bring the glucometer, pop the lancet into his finger and stick the test strip into the drop of blood that squeezes out so  I can correct if he’s high or low. He rarely wakes up for this. This morning, a touch on the low side — 65. I delivered some mango-orange juice and will take up an apple or toast in 15 minutes.

Google delivers Type 1 diabetes news to my inbox daily. Recent stories include profiles on a race car driver and a pilot, and the progress of artificial pancreases as a “cure.”


On the dog: Sandy got old this past year. Ever since her brief and bizarre sickness last year, she’s exhibited the same happy behavior she always has, but her face has turned white, her hearing isn’t what it used to be — she doesn’t bark at cars or passersby much these days — and her body has gone from sleek to bony. After walks on the beach, she’s tired. She gets to her feet slowly, sometimes clumsily. Sandy’s always been such a puppy and suddenly she’s an old lady. She’ll be 13 in September. I’m not ready to think about not having her sweet yellow self around.

On travel: Given the tightness of my budget, I’d forgone prior hopes of a trip to New York City this spring. My brother moved there from San Francisco late last year. I’ve never been. When I said I wouldn’t be able to go after all, he offered to buy the plane ticket. Sweet! I leave April 27 and am prepared to be overwhelmed by the size and the bustle. Springtime in the city. Old men playing dominoes. People sitting on stoops. Everyone walking really fast. I imagine deja vu from all the movies and TV shows in which I’ve seen NYC mixed with the wow factor of actually being there.

On money: Sigh. Every time I think I’ve got it figured out, something else pops up. Toaster breaks. The propane tank is at 10 percent. The truck needs a new tire. I need to take my own advice and quit carrying my debit card around. Been too busy to properly plot my financial goals, so other than paying the bills, I don’t have anything concrete. But seriously, I probably could’ve bought a much-needed new wetsuit and a couple board bags on what I’ve spent going out to eat over the past few months. Not cool. Time to get it together, Jennifer.

On good news/bad news: Bobby’s dad helped us out by paying off his student loans (yay!); unfortunately, the Treasury Dept. didn’t get the memo and seized our tax refund (boo!). To straighten out this clusterfuck, I have to deal with the Dept. of Ed, the IRS and the Treasury. Bureaucracy headache, anyone?

On writing: Doing it! Not here as much as I’d like, but have a couple projects in the works and a fiction group solidifying into a regular thing. When I get a chance, I’ll post the results of the exercises we’ve been doing. My brain is like a little kid with blocks, happy to be playing and building and creating.

On reading: Working on both Netherland and The Death and Life of American Journalism.

On work: Love it. Wow, I am lucky. Striving to be worthy and to take every opportunity to do good.

Whew! Social-work whirl of the past two weeks survived, brain cleared and ready to go.