7 at 11 = likely lots of fun.

BG level of 471, not so much.

Surf canceled due to high blood sugar.

But why so high? The lack of a clear cause-effect troubles us, especially when an hour after his insulin correction, his next check showed him remaining in the over-400 range. Yet, everything appears to be working: set looks good, insulin moving through tube. One of the few times he’s slipped into expressing frustration with it all. “Finally get to do something, and then my blood sugar messes everything up.” I want to hug him, fix this, yet not only will too much sympathy annoy him, but we’ve become so dependent on the pump, so used to his self-sufficiency, that I’m no longer quickly confident in what steps to take to solve the physical dilemma.

With so much going on all the time, my attention habitually gravitates to the immediate crisis or social scene at hand; dealing with diabetes calls for constant awareness, even when the numbers flash up “good.” Because when fine suddenly isn’t, indecision is not an acceptable response.

A half-hour later, his blood sugar level has dropped appropriately — still high, but coming down. Now we hope the trend continues and that the malfunction was a hiccup, not a sign of something broken.