Four times in 28 days? The new year is not off to an impressive start, especially when one factors in how inviting conditions have been. I suppose I should refrain from complaining and improve my time management instead.

Anyway, Camel. Sunny, clean, overhead off the rock and as crowded as you’d expect. I rarely surf there due to the crowd factor, although at least this time I didn’t see any of the egregious breaches of etiquette that Camel’s become known for. But as usual, I left with the knowledge that if I’d just been more aggressive, I’d have scored more waves. Which is different from knowing I need to push myself. So I always leave Camel with a sense of frustration rather than accomplishment, despite the gorgeous surroundings and pretty waves. Some of which I did catch.

No photos, so please enjoy this image of a Matt Beard painting. And then check out more of his stuff at

Surf Check Daydream by Matt Beard