Some years, I skip resolutions completely. The goals come to mind are too constant to warrant special attention as New Year’s Resolutions: surf more, write more, save more, do more, etc. Or the admonishments are negatively phrased and too vague to work: stop wasting time, stop wasting money, stop being so impatient. Since I look at every single day as a chance to do more things right and fewer things wrong, I need something special and specific for New Year’s.

Inspired by one of my favorite funny books ever, Beth Lisick’s Helping Me Help Myself, in which this very likable, relatable cynic opts to seek self-improvement through the means of the masses (Chicken Soup for the Soul, Richard Simmons, Women are From Mars, etc.), I’ve decided my goal for 2011 will be to learn one new thing each month. Something I’ve been meaning to learn, but haven’t for whatever reason. Nothing shockingly hard, just skills a person should have in order to not be a total loser. (She says, afraid of being a total loser.) Things I might have a bit of experience with, but not enough to do with confidence; things I need to learn, not just that I’ve been too lazy to do.

For example:

  • Bike maintenance (I have a book!)
  • Sewing (been promising to make Kaylee curtains for several years now)
  • Canning
  • How to fix stuff around the house (I have a book for this one, too!)
  • To be able to sing (cringing over this one)

That’s as far as I’ve come, idea-wise. Maybe I should acquire one new skill every other month? That might be a more sensible goal, especially as I’ll continue to strive toward all the usual improvement on both the work and personal front. (My job is confirmed through 2011, yay! So happy! Need to make sure I absorb, cultivate and otherwise pick up as many skills as possible to keep me, hopefully, future-employed.)

And, yeah, of course, I want to surf and write and save and be an all-round more kind and giving person. And a better parent and more patient wife. And rememberer of birthdays. Be more present. Mindful. The usual. I am still me.

Speaking of which… now I feel really boring! Maybe my New Year’s Resolution should be Learn to Present Oneself in a More Interesting Manner.