1. To not let my tea get cold because I’m too busy blogging to fetch it from the kitchen.

2. To figure out the best way to help Chelsea successfully launch into the next chapter of her life, one that will hopefully elicit joy and affirmation instead of negativity and frustration.

3. To make Kaylee curtains and establish a travel fund for her.

4. To encourage Nick’s constructive interests, while helping him manage his diabetes well enough to keep his A1C level down.

5. To support Bobby’s artistic endeavors and better appreciate his attention to the domestic scene.

6. To throw at least one neighborhood party.

7. To visit my sister and nieces, either in SoCal or Vegas.

8. To visit my brother in New York. New York!

9. To write at least one in-depth letter to each distant friend.

10. To visit Joy in San Diego.

11. Mexico.

12. I really ache for my writers’ group and want to convince them to make the time to meet and write again.

13. To totally kick ass at work. All of them.

14. To achieve at least four Surfrider goals before I step down in October.

15. To go back to Taiwan in November.

16. At least 104 surf sessions. (Scaled back from my usual 180 in hopes of having a more realistic goal.)

17. To do something solidly charitable each month.

18. To add at least 500 miles to my bike.

19. To surprise someone with something nice.

20. To be able to do at least six pull-ups.

21. To strive towards patience with people for whom I typically have little; to always be a good friend.

22. To look back and say, Wow, I really made the most of that year.