Following up on my plan to ease my aches, pains and sleeplessness, I popped two Tylenol PM after breakfast and passed out until nearly 2 p.m. So, there went most of that day. After a quick shower, I strolled around Hualien in the wind, dark clouds rolling in — a bit like home, plus 20 degrees.

Taxied into downtown for some veggie noodle dinner that included kimchee, which I’m pretty sure I’ve never had before. Good! Spicy and strong. I don’t know how I’ve missed it. Afterwards, resisted buying more goofy souvenirs and opted for a famous Taiwan foot massage instead.

Soaking. I recommend it.

“Please not too much!” I insisted, referring to the level of pressure/pain they are known for inducing. The masseuse nodded and smiled, and gave examples of how he would push by using my big toe as a prop. “Okay… okay… Ow!” That squared and after a soak in some sort of glowing water, he lotioned up my calves, scraped the dead skin off my feet (having someone work on your feet always feels weird, but it’s so commonplace in Taiwan, that I didn’t feel the usual apologetic sensation), massaged and massaged and massaged. Heavenly! No more sore feet, calves, legs! I almost fell asleep there, but made it back to Mistro and spent a long, comfy night in bed.

Back to Taipei and hot springs today! Some more good food and sightseeing Wednesday, then back to SF Wednesday night in time for the holiday weekend. Trying to not look ahead too much, though, and just savor being here a little bit longer.

Yes, my legs are all kinds of beat up. But they feel so much better.