Went to Taroko Gorge, then into downtown Hualien. Text to come.

Happy to say, I saw neither killer bees nor poisonous snakes.

This is from the day before, on the train from the South Coast to the East.

In the taxi to Taroko:

Walking along Shakadang River trying to not bump my head.

Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge: Beware of the cliff.


Water falling on trail:

Through a tunnel:

Pagoda, inside:

Pagoda, outside:

Nine Tunnels trail and me in a hard hat:

Yeah, this is a long tunnel:

Glimpse of a monkey!

Concrete designs:

Shrine of the Eternal Springs:

More Shrine of the Eternal Springs:

Inside the Shrine of the Eternal Springs:

Leaving Taroko, crazy-huge power plant:

Me in a taxi:

Dizzying video of a graveyard:

Full moon over crowded beach:

Downtown Hualien: