Up at 6:30 a.m. to make Day 2 of the Bird Fair. Another boxed breakfast of sweet buns and mayonnaise sandwich. Sitting at the table would’ve numbed my mind if not for,1.) the charming cultural performances that took place throughout the day; 2.) the willingness of my tender, Chen, to watch my booth so I could slip off and stroll for a bit; 2.) the fact that every single journalism student in Taipei must’ve been assigned to conduct interviews at the fair.

It’s late-ish here and I’m just back from the night market, so I’m going to post a bunch of very short video clips and share more later. They improve as you go, so don’t despair too early.

On the bus, Taipei nighttime:

(You’ll want to compare to early Jim Jarmusch. I know I did.)

More bus! With scooters:

A cultural performance:

I interview Franz and Mr. Yellow:

We would like to talk to you:

Please enjoy famous night market oyster omelet:

Night market!


Someone explain this food to me: