I haven’t been writing much about Nick’s diabetes. He’s in high school now and much sensitized to parental invasions of privacy. And the worry sparked by the fact that he’s in high school now – and all that that implies – daily outweighs my concern over his diabetes, although the diabetes management continues lifelong, whereas hopefully he’ll grow out of the teenage mentality. Of course, I can’t write much about that either.

Doesn’t it seem reasonable to think that by the third kid, some of the prior experience would apply, make this round easier? But, no. They have to be so different, the circumstances different. All I’ve learned is what doesn’t work – my toolkit simply gets emptier.

But his Tuesday appointment confirmed his A1C level was down, which is fantastic! That’s the number that indicates the cumulative effect of all the other numbers stemming from the habitual blood glucose tests. So, that’s good. Hopefully his blood sugar level, which I’m due to check in 15 minutes, will also be good. I’m really hoping to get some sleep.