Hare Creek

#12: So we’d checked the good spot to find a crowd and sets running up to double over. I might’ve braved it, but given the utter lack of water time this year (only 12 sessions and it’s already mid-April?!) and more importantly, the need to provide more comfy conditions for the kids, we scooted down to Hare Creek instead. Definitely not intimidating. Neither was it crowded. The sun shone. The waves? Eh. And yet, fun nonetheless. Up above, on the bluff, a goose honked.


We’d rented a house just north of Fort Bragg for the weekend – an indulgence that took every last “extra” penny of April’s income, but for which I refuse to feel guilty as the opportunities of fun with teenagers must be created, damn the costs.

The place worked out perfectly for us. Not one of the überposh ocean front hot tub homes, but cozy, cute and with enough room for everyone to have their own space – and not only could we still see the ocean, but the view of the estuary loomed lovely and large just outside. Plus the owner left a bottle of dry white wine in greeting – love that!

Afternoon light slanted in through the wall-sized picture windows. Deer cavorted across the way. Geese waddled in the backyard. All this and no internet service – and barely any cell coverage! The sense of disconnect from daily life lent well to feeling really present in that particular moment with the family.

We brought food. I made the usual fare: pancakes, pasta, burritos. I also made some Mississippi Mudslide bars, good white chocolate and better dark, walnuts and brown sugar. Those went over.

Bobby and I rode bikes down Old Haul Road to MacKerricher. Bike paths are awesome! Can I get one of those around Humboldt Bay?

MacKerricher Park, as seen from Old Haul Road

The family went to Pt. Cabrillo to see the lighthouse. I’d hoped we’d make it before closing, as I wanted Bobby to hear the lighthouse docent tell the history of the lighthouse and related wreck of the Frolic. Opium trading! Mystery! The fine gentleman who’d told me the tale before, however, wasn’t there – we’d arrived past 4 p.m. Nonetheless, an enjoyable adventure.

The path to Pt. Cabrillo.

We also stopped by the art gallery next to Noyo Bowl to see Jesse Weidel’s paintings.

New art gallery in Fort Bragg, Jesse Weidel's work on the wall.

A glorious day with a sunset to match.

Sunset from Creekside

The next day, we hiked Russian Gulch, taking the long route to the waterfalls. The “long” part was unintentional – the result of my failure to procure either a map or a sense of what trail went where. With some guilt over leading my family into the woods without adequate supplies, I kept reassuring them the waterfalls would be “coming up soon!” Two-and-a-half hours after our start, we finally arrived – and it was worth it. But we did take the shorter trail back.

(Photo pending. You’ll just have to trust me.)