Bobby’s doing better, been home for almost a week – so relieved to be out of the hospital. The doctors were happily flabbergasted that he did not, in fact, have cancer, and are now leaning toward some sort of pneumonia perhaps being the cause of his awful infection. He has an appointment tomorrow to follow up. Hopefully someone will be able to tell him a definitive cause of what happened (I am worried they will not) because he really, really wants to know whatever it was that almost killed him.

He’s still a ways from full recovery, is easily fatigued and needs to gain weight, but each day is a bit better.

Thank goodness for the job with the health insurance! We’d be in a vastly different reality right now without it. (And I’m so glad health care reform, compromised as it is, passed – even just the elimination of rejection based on pre-existing conditions is potentially a huge sigh of relief for this family.)

Meanwhile, Sandy is much better than she was, though still not a hundred percent. Unsure where to go from here. The vet said we can take her to Santa Rosa or Medford for an ultrasound, but anything they find would likely be untreatable. (And though it’s not all about the money, of course, the idea that after dropping $1,000 on vet bills in 48 hours, we shell out another several hundred to find out we can’t do anything is counterintuitive). We’re feeding and loving her well, giving her liver support tablets and keeping an eye on her for now.

For the moment, I can refocus on the normal worries of my life.