I haven’t been paying attention to the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien saga – haven’t ever watched either of their shows, in fact – but because I love to read Heather Havrilesky, I came up this quote:

And now, a word to the budding (and established) comedians, writers, editors, publishers, entertainers, actors, musicians, poets, dancers, teachers, professors, philosophers, ministers, scientists, mathematicians, businesspeople of this country who struggle every day to nurture their own odd ways of doing things, their own unconventional or unusual designs or artistic notions, their own original, risky approaches, to those who look at what America currently believes, enjoys, expects, embraces, and say, “I have a different idea of what this could look like”? Keep sticking to your guns. The day you listen to the know-it-all in the gray suit is the day your soul dies.

Love it. I would also remind people that sometimes the know-it-all in the gray suit is wearing something more hip, but that doesn’t make him (or her) any smarter.

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