15 minute free write:

Kaylee plays piano with her instructor in the corner. The thrift store piano belongs to Lila Nelson, eminent songstress. Kaylee wanted piano lessons for years; thanks to Lila’s needing a place to stash her piano and my better-paying job, we finally are making them happen.

“When the dog bites/When the bee stings…” They’re playing a few of my favorite things. When Kaylee was younger, she played Marta in a youth production of Sound of Music. I loved watching her, always so serious, practice her lines at home. On stage, she delivered them accurately, which is all it took to burst my heart with love. When you’re nervous on your child’s behalf, the smallest success provides such great relief. She performed more than accurately — she loved those days at NCRT, the excitement of backstage and performing. Unlike her sister and brother, K keeps a low profile. She’s quiet, modest and not prone to the spotlight. But she’s also brave, hardworking and talented. When a chance to shine happens upon her, I offer up thanks to the universe — she deserves it so — and cross my fingers more opportunities arrive.

At this moment, though, I don’t have to cross my fingers and wish. I am making a little bit of it happen. Meanwhile, the clouds coast by outside the window, leaving the beach and sliding inland. Blue and gray, a suggestion of pink colors the sky beyond the dunes.