#20 Moonstone – We took the Germans out! Charlotte, Anne’s friend, really wanted to learn – and she did great! Stood up, rode whitewater, had a blast despite the windy, sloppy conditions and borrowed (read: ill-fitting and thin in spots) wetsuits. Anne did fine, too – unfortunately, I’d failed to realize how slick the heavily waxed board (also borrowed) was, which meant every time she attempted to jump to her feet, she slid off. Nonetheless, she didn’t give up. I was quite impressed with both girls’ dedication to the cause, as well as K’s thoughtful instruction. All those years of surf camp sure rubbed off!

#21 Bunkers – The rain cleared, presenting us with sunshine and waist-high surf as we parked. The fog rolled in and the swell built to head-high shortly after we paddled out. Superglassy, peeling lefts and rights, all while a boat’s horn sounded every few minutes causing me to wonder if it would suddenly slice through the mist and into the line-up. Nick and his buddy caught waves, I caught waves, no one was hurt and no board sustained damage. Total success.

#22 Moonstone – “This is so fun,” Kaylee said. And it was. Nothing wrong with catching a million consistent, easy, waist-high waves with your kids in the windless sunshine. Nothing wrong with that at all.