Moon slants through window
Bedroom awash in pale glow
Kitten curls tighter

Painted by moonlight
Blankets hold back the night’s chill
Kitten snuggles in

So, after a hit… or two… or four of the snooze button, I finally gave up the glow of the full moon through the window for the glow of the computer screen. Had considered dawn patrolling, but the current temp of 35°F… well, no. A strip of neoprene, the inner seam lining, tore off my suit last surf, evidence that my buffer against the cold water is breaking down. 

House still in darkness
But for computer and I
Tea kettle whistles

The final bag of Earl Grey. (Stash’s Double Bergamot, yum.) Cannot I not escape reminders that the money’s running out? Shabby wetsuit, empty tea boxes and a woefully underfunded bank account do not a pleasant combination make, especially not as I’m trying to save money to send K on her class trip to Germany. Oh, how I envy people whose children’s grandparents spoil them with art lessons and trips abroad! But envy repels and I like to attract, so I must shake it off, remember all that we’ve been able to make happen over the years through hustle and hard work, and have faith that we’ll somehow do it again.

And luck of the small and steady sort, I continue to have. No sweepstakes payoffs yet, but the Journal’s been kind to me since the Eye reduction (and the Eye seems to be hanging in there, yay), allowing me to write reviews and a couple columns – I’m writing more than I was before the paycut, in fact, invoking the old “Be careful what you wish for!” cliché. (Speaking of the NCJ, the Flash Fiction issue pleased me so much.)

Tulips line the side of the backyard, stand up tall outside the window. Homegrown daffodils brighten the table, sit next to the softball gear – must be spring or close to it. Nature inevitably reminds me what’s real: sky, sea, sand and flowers change to reflect the seasons. Too much time in front of the computer’s glow instead of the moon’s and I get lost. Outside is where I’m found again.

Almost time to whip together flour, eggs and milk, alchemize the ingredients into yet another pancake breakfast. Perhaps I’ll add bananas today.