The sixth folder in my iPhoto happens to the one with photos I’ve taken for the Eye. The sixth one is of Lucia from The Devil Makes Three when they played their first-ever Humboldt show at Muddy Waters (now Muddy’s Hot Cup).

ucia, DM3, May 12, 2005
:ucia, DM3, May 12, 2005

They sold the place out. I understood how the phrase “raised the roof” was coined. Between the band’s energy and the crowd’s reaction to their frenzied bluegrass-ragtime-oldtime playing, the roof could’ve torn right off of Muddy’s and spun out to space without surprising anyone who was there.

Well, except for my kids, that is.

Mom always makes us stay out late.
Mom always makes us stay out late.

Chelsea especially loved their music and continues to be a fan. I wish they’d played more all ages shows. They’re still an amazing band, one of my favorites ever.


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