SMBS vandalized: “Officers found that along with allegedly attempting to steal property, the three had reportedly caused extensive damage to the  library and multi-media room, as well as to exterior walls throughout  the school. Damage reportedly included destroyed computers, books and  fixtures, attempts to set fires and graffiti. Officers also found that the three allegedly attempted to kill pet fish in one room, the release states.”

What little assholes. And see, is my first response in line with my professed political ideology of compassion, therapy and rehabilitation? No. I think they should be publicly flogged.
The longer I live, the more I believe that fucked-up kids grow into fucked-up adults. I totally see why liberals change their perspective as they get older (although intellectually, I’m still against be).

Except… what I truly do believe in (besides the flogging) is preventing this sort of thing from happening in the first place. What went wrong in these kids’ lives that led to this? Was it something a more family-supportive social policy could’ve prevented? 

I guess we’ll have to see. Maybe they’re just bad people. What a shame.