Mondays are the closest thing I have to a day off. Technically, Saturday is my work-free day, but from dawn till dusk, family obligations keep me running. Much of what we do, as with my paid jobs, provides fun and satisfaction – a sense of “off,” however, not so much.

I do bills and errands Tuesdays, then it’s back to the Eye workweek on Wednesday. But once I get through the radio shift, Monday afternoons offer a chunk of freedom. Because Sundays are deadline – 16 hours straight in front of a computer – avoiding the screen is key the day after. Unless I need to check the buoys, the computer remains in “sleep” mode. Today, the afternoon started with a catnap, then Bobby swooped me off to catch The Dark Knight at the Minor (loved it), then Sandy and I spent an hour running and jogging and avoiding rolling in dead things and walking at the beach.

The sun shone, the wind tapered off, the ocean teased the idea of glassing off. A perfect summer evening that even provided just enough wispy cloud along the horizon to bump up the sunset’s drama factor. And how many people were on the beach to witness this glory? Four. Me. My neighbor. Two men a mile south.

I love living here.

August promises adventures, too. This weekend, the national Surfrider organization hosts a conference at the SF Hilton in the Financial District. The hotel, breakfasts and Saturday lunch are all paid for, so once I’ve covered gas, two days of free geeking out await. Plus I’ll get to visit Chelsea on the way down and back! We’ve kept in touch almost daily via email and texting, but the other day I called to ask her something. The sound of her voice pinged my heart. Can that really be my baby, grown up and making her way in the world?

Then I’m off from KSLG for two weeks so we can road trip up to Washington for a wedding. The missing paycheck will kill, but the family together time is sure to provide many worthwhile memories later. (Or at least trips to an understanding therapist – the stuff all great family movies are made of. Should fall somewhere between National Lampoon’s Vacation and Little Miss Sunshine…)

Although I’ve taken days, even several in a row, off over the years, I’ve always worked them around deadline in such a way that I’m able to either get everything done early and leave, or return in time to crank through everything that needs to be done by Sunday night. This will be the first time in six-and-a-half years I’ve stepped away and left my work in the hands of my coworkers. I feel like a mom going out for dinner for the first time after the baby’s been born. “Now, I’ve left this, this and this, so you shouldn’t have to do anything extra. But call me if there’s a problem. Oh, and this is really the best way to do this. And you’ll want that like this.” Etc. But I’m sure it will all be fine. Just fine.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, tomorrow’s surf forecast looks sweet, sweet, sweet – and, the kids’ Healthy Families situation finally got sorted out. As of today, they are covered. Hallelujah!

So, yeah. What a good day.