Well, his team powered through the final game to remain undefeated. Some games were more exciting than others. For Nick, though, being one of eight kids vying for four positions each game meant he didn’t see a lot of action – and only had one at-bat per game. We knew it would be like that going in. Such is the nature of All-Stars when you’re good enough to make the team, but not accomplished enough to start. The downside then is, you don’t get many chances to shine, especially since the kids pitching at that level are hurling the ball at 65, 70 miles per hour plus. They’re really good at striking people out. So while his team did great and being part of that felt good, the lack of personal triumphs was a bit of a blow. And although the team goes on in the state tourney (Marysville tonight), both Bobby and I decided that considering they have plenty of players, we’d keep Nick’s long-standing SF doctor’s appointment and pass on the travel. Nick was bummed at first, but a friend turned him on to “fall ball*,” so now he’s looking forward to that.

And thus, our ball season is finally done.

(*”Fall” ball? Fall ball?! I mean I love baseball and am so glad he plays and certainly I want him to keep doing it, but just when we finally get to stop driving all over the place every day, fall ball?!!! Good grief.)

In other news, Bobby reported yesterday that his A1C level was 6.1. Yay! I’d been worried after all the highs.

Life is good.