Overall, Nick is doing well – and let me say at this point that he hit his first over-the-fence home run this year!!! – but his blood sugar is doing this weird thing of running high midmorning and low at night.

I can’t figure out why or what to adjust (am currently collecting data to send to the doctor in SF for help); the pattern doesn’t support changing either his carb-to-insulin ratio or his nightly insulin dose. Because he’s fine most times of the day. Why does his blood sugar spike, for apparently no reason, between 11 a.m. and noon?Why does it drop to 50 at night?

(And if it is going to drop, why does it have to do so at night when we’re all tired and getting sugars into Nick means having to wake him up, getting him to drink juice, letting him fall back asleep, then waking him up for more sugars or a real-food snack depending on what his numbers are? We’ve had two scary low experiences in the last week. One in which he refused at first to have juice, fought letting me help him – all symptoms of the low blood sugar, not any sort of actual misbehavior – and one where 15 minutes after downing a juice box, the numbers hadn’t budged. It’s exhausting for all of us to deal with this at midnight, 1 a.m., 2 a.m.)

Some days I worry that he’s become too used to this. I notice he doesn’t talk about it with his friends as much, doesn’t educate people about what to do if he suddenly drops. I worry he’s tired of being the kid with diabetes who’s slowing things down because he has to check his blood sugar, count his carbs, take a shot, when he just wants to be a kid keeping up.