The best time I’ve had in Moonstone in years. If I wrote about it in a timely manner, this post would be two weeks old and then some. The buoys read a mere 2-3 feet, but at 11-12 seconds, so I’d hoped Nick would be able to score some fun little waves. Any expectations for myself revolved around having fun with Nick having fun; I didn’t think the waves would have enough energy for me.

How often is being wrong so rewarding? Not only did Nick spend the entire session either catching waves or paddling back from having caught one, but the waist-high swells with the low tide and lack of wind turned out to be snappy, consistent, pretty, easy — a perfect,  perfect combination for me and Nick to share. Even the crowd didn’t matter; the waves came in bountiful. Sharing was easy. Did I mention the sunshine and warmth? Yeah, perfect.