Heraldo has a post about a Surfrider action item.

From Surfrider: The California Legislature is considering a bill that would dramatically undermine the ability of the Coastal Commission to protect our coast and ocean. California Senate Bill 1295 (Ducheny) would strip the right of Coastal Commissioners to appeal development permits granted by local governments.

This oversight by the Coastal Commission is critical to fair and consistent enforcement of the Coastal Act. Senate Bill 1295, if enacted, would dramatically undermine this function and potentially allow numerous violations of the Coastal Act to “slip through the cracks.”

Humboldt Surfriders meets Thursday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Plaza View Room. Planning Glenn’s memorial is on the agenda, as well as, I believe, discussion of the Army Corps of Engineers plans to “replenish” the North Jetty. Call Greenhouse (825-SURF) with questions.

Also, Dave Rastovich has a “visual petition” site dedicated to stopping whale and dolphin slaughter.

From Visual Petition: As a global culture of water people we have a unique affinity with the ocean and her inhabitants. We are the stewards of our coastlines and the guardians of the waves we love. This petition simply illustrates our collective power to act on those feelings of conservation, ensuring the next generation experiences the joy of surfing with Dolphins and watching the great Whales migrate. For more in depth information and more ways to take action, go to savejapandolphins.org