I’d love to write about the great book I’ve been reading, but while the mind is willing, the eyes are weak. I’ll have to settle for a domestic report:

I’ve been surviving on a Sudafed-Benedryl regimen that’s keeping my cold from embarrassing me (imagine me sitting in the thick of Humboldt County politicos at the most recent Bay District meeting, trying to listen to the Strategic Plan presentation while simultaneously attempting to blot my runny nose on my sweater without anyone noticing and you’ll see why I opted to dose myself with good ol’pseudoephedrine),  but affecting my brain so that I’m in more of a daze than normal. Not good since I’m covering for Kevin this week. Fortunately, I have some helpers who’ve promised to proofread, so ideally, fewer typos will slip through. (And, wow, with all the drug-taking, I have completely forgotten to eat anything other than about 100 satsuma mandarins.)

Meanwhile, Nick’s blood sugars continue to be erratic, although not immediately life-threatening. Still trying to get an appointment.

And Thanksgiving? So far we have one slightly burnt pumpkin pie (Nick), one lovely-but-odd-tasting butterscotch cake (Chelsea), a pile of squash, various root vegetables and at least five guests expected.

An interesting start to the holiday.

Happy eating!

P.S. Best Thanksgiving movie ever.