On the plus side so far:
Bobby made me a lovely breakfast of potatoes, English muffins, strawberries and coffee.
The girls made pretty/funny cards.
My friends sent amazingly touching e-mails.
I have an interview with Viva Voce at noon.
I am having lunch with JDM later, followed by an indulgent appointment at Kalos salon courtesy of my mom. (Just a wee bit of pampering.)
My dear friend LN has something planned for this evening. A “surprise” party of sorts.

On the con side:
My cell phone is inexplicably dead.
Nick’s blood sugar has been running high. He called from school feeling ill. (Bobby went to pick him up.)
I forgot to renew my driver license.

Overall, a great start to the day with only manageable challenges. I trust the day will unfold in a most positive manner.

(Some people might think celebrating a birthday at 38 is silly, but I’m always happy to have an excuse for extra love and celebration!)