Today is the party for Glenn Stockwell, longtime CR poli sci prof, surfer, Surfrider and also a Humboldt Baykeeper skipper. I’d volunteered to organize the event, a homecoming welcome. While I did pull things together, my concern is that maybe I didn’t do enough – maybe I should’ve left it to someone with more time for creativity and errand-running. Plenty of people stepped up to help, though, and we have no shortage of love for this man. Glenn’s always been great to me, whether rides out to the Jetty, up to Crescent City, or just general surf encouragement. I’ve spent a lot of time swapping stories en route to CC and standing out on the rocks debating the waves. I really want this to go well.

As I posted on the Glenn-news blog, Lou and Beth summed up my own modus operandi when it comes to parties: “Maybe the best way to do this is to just announce that this is a potluck, BYOB, bring a plant or decoration, a picture of Glenn if you have one and we can just let the community create this party. I know from experience that if you set up a time and place the people of this community will make it wonderful.”

That’s how I do it at home – and my parties are always a hit. For Glenn’s, we’ll definitely have food, beer, water and coffee, flowers, a Neil Young cover band(!) and a bunch of great people. It has to be fun. But I have two worries: either not enough people will come and we’ll have too much of everything or too many people will come and we’ll have a shortage. Now that it’s Saturday morning I can think of a dozen additional things I shoulda woulda done.

Glenn’s is the second party of my weekend. I’m pleased to report that Nick’s – for which I put in even less planning – came off just fine. Thankfully the weather held, so the boys could skate and sandboard. As evidenced by my deck, which appeared to be home to an explosion of skateboards, shoes and helmets.