(updated this morning)

Tuesday’s to-do list:

6 a.m.
Wake up (always good)
Stretch (the only way to keep the back pain at bay aka getting old sucks)
Make coffee
Fold laundry
Switch wet clothes to dryer.
Put another load in washer. (Yes, laundry is my life.)
Make pancakes (I hope we have enough flour!)
Pack lunches (Nick only ate part of his today, so we’re already ahead on that one! And K has lots of party leftovers.)
7:40 a.m.
Take kids to school. (p/u J, drop C off, drop N off with the skater kids, drop K and J off)
Don’t forget to remind Nick to text me his blood sugar readings.
Wish MD had called back about carpooling. (It’s almost like people have lives of their own!)
Drop water bill payment at MCSD.
Return home.
Take dog for 40 minute walk.
Load board and wetsuit into car.
Wash face, brush teeth, switch to jeans. (Thank goodness it’s radio.)
9 a.m.
Leave for KSLG.
Drop off paystub at Social Services lest I lose our Medi-Cal due to bureaucratic illogic.
Mail dog license check.
Drive by Swiss Hall, where I will hopefully find the contact info I can’t seem to find anywhere else.
Call Swiss Hall about availability wrt Stockwell’s party I’m trying to organize.
Do radio. (This is my most complicated and favorite day because I get to do a whole hour of local and regional music, yay! But I need time to research and download music, and time can be hard to come by. But nonetheless, yay! This is the hour that most makes the job worth it.)
2 p.m.
E-mail J about happiness regarding her house not burning down.
E-mail R about which night I can see Urinetown. (Which night can I see Urinetown?!)
E-mail AH about seeing Urinetown.
End shift, prepare for tomorrow’s late arrival; leave for surf. (This is the ideal. I may have to pick up kids, but I’m hoping to find an alternative involving them being somewhere with someone I trust. Could happen.)
Plan B: Wharfinger, then home, then p/u kids at 3:15, then surf.
Surf, surf, surf.
Possibly rent the final WKRP season. (Andy Travis has the best hair! And those jeans! The Portland hipsters should take notes.)
Return home.
Call various utility companies and student loan people (“Oopsie! My bad! The check will totally be in the mail!”
Scold children for not doing more around the house.
Check in with Nick about his blood sugar.
Tell them to get off the computer.
Put the goddamn laundry away!
What do you mean, those are all my clothes?
Oh lord, someone please vacuum up all this hair! (Two dogs, two cats… It’s a losing battle.)
Make dinner. (Sushi Tuesday?)
Figure carbs.
Figure insulin.
Have Nick check blood sugar.
Draw insulin, give shot.
Dishes. (Argue with Bobby about the benefits of using the dishwasher as opposed to doing them by hand.)
Force children to listen to poetry or a short story or play a game of chess or Abalone with their mother.
Plan B: Watch WKRP if rented. (Then again, with the massive late fees I owe VX, this may not be the best week to stop in.)
9 p.m.
Give Nick his Lantus insulin.
Say goodnight to children.
Dye hair for Halloween.
Prepare “costume.”
Go through stack of paperwork with Bobby. (What a romantic way to spend the evening…)
Start to fall asleep on couch.
Get up and answer e-mails instead.
Post about Glenn’s party. (Please let me find a venue today!)
Get sucked into reading blogs.
Realize it’s late.
Scold self for not writing in own blog.
Take ibuprofen. (See “getting old sucks.”)
Wash face.
Apply alpha-hydroxy gel in pathetic attempt to hang on to looks.
Apply Burt’s Bees cream.
Freak out slightly about hair.
Check Nick’s blood sugar.
11:30 p.m.
Go to bed.