Anxious to spend time in the ocean before the swell picked up (and up and up), I hurried home from KSLG pleased that the weather eased as I traveled north. I then spent an hour driving, parking and walking along the spit. No luck anywhere. The wind changed direction and picked up. I stood atop sand dune after sand dune, pelted by rain, trying desperately to find something, anything, any little peak that offered anything at all. No luck. I checked Jetty (ignored Bunkers as I wouldn’t surf there alone during this time of year anyway, call me paranoid, but so it goes). I checked Bay Street. One lone surfer was not making the waves look catchable or fun. I checked Power Poles. Blech.

On that note, I returned home figuring I’d at least walk the dog.

Sandy was thrilled, of course, and galloped ahead. I weaved around the coyote brush and trudged along feeling sorry for myself. We reached the beach; I tucked my sandals under a log and kept up the pretense of jogging for a good hundred strides or so before slowing down to a walk. (I lack inspiration to run. Unless being chased.) Sandy trotted to the water, ran back, took off down the sand, scattered a flock of birds and generally displayed the sort of behavior that indicates she’s in her veryfavoriteplaceeveryesyesyes! Hard to stay cranky watching the yellow dog have so much fun. The wind slowed. The rain had stopped. A strip of topaz sky opened up between the lapis colored-ocean and the hematite sky. Colors like this:




But more beautiful. The ocean swelled and receded, the sky glowed, the stormclouds hovered. And then the wind vanished. More than an absence, the lack of wind created a vacuum. In that stillness, I felt a shift. In the air, in my mind. A clarity as though fog had been cleared, a window thrown open. An unexpected, unsought sense of being more alive in that particular moment than I had been a moment before. I tried to hold on, carry that sensation into the evening, but it slipped away somewhere between returning home and needing to return DVDs to the video store.