Have to do something while waiting to check Nick’s blood sugar again. (A rather vampiric process, poking him and squeezing out drops of blood while he sleeps. At least I’m an altruistic creature of the night?)

I’m too tired to write anything cohesive, but I’ve been thinking about the various jobs I’ve had over my lifetime and decided to make a list. Years approximate, and some overlap as I’ve often worked multiple jobs at once.

1985 waterslide attendant (great tan and I knew where all the parties were)
1985-86 file clerk
1986-87 medical receptionist (promoted from file clerk, making $900/month – not bad for 1987 and being 17)
1987 model home showperson (a one-month gig to earn extra money for moving to Long Beach)
1987-1989 temp worker (I was in Interior Design School – the work ran the gamut from running booths at Long Beach Convention Center to doing inventory at the Long Beach Mall, etc.)
1987 retail clerk at Judy’s clothing store (what a joke – I lasted about a week at that one)
1988 counterperson at Gold’s Gym
1989-1990 wallcovering consultant (I was a Teamster! Horrible job, though.)
1991-1994 cocktail waitress
1992-1993 waitress, lunch shift at a downtown Long Beach Italian restaurant
1993 assistant medical receptionist (I was working three part time jobs in 1993.)
1994 waitress, breakfast shift, Lancaster diner
1994 cocktail waitress
1995-1996 bartender
1995-1997 barista

1998-2000 writing lab assistant at CR (a work-study position)
December, 2001 -present Scene Editor, Arcata Eye
November, 2006)-present KSLG radio personality