Why? His blood sugar has been in the “good” range all day! I double-triple-checked the carbs at dinner – all we had was a rice stir-fry and fruit, so it was simple – and brown rice is only a 55 on the glycemic index, which means the carbs should be absorbed at a medium pace coinciding with his insulin. So why so low? From his soccer game earlier? But he had snacks before and after.

This is so frustrating. What if I’d fallen asleep? What if I hadn’t checked him? Now we’re in for another night of disrupted sleeping and worry – and all the diabetes-related stuff I’ve been meaning to do and haven’t runs through my head. Charts, emergency cards, detailed recordings of everything that could affect his blood sugar, further questions for the doctor. When things run smoothly, my attention turns to seemingly more pressing demands. But really, what could be more important? Why am I doing anything else?

Time to check again.