This is a follow-up to the boring post earlier.
Sweet fancy Moses! I should know that every time I’m feeling like, “Hey, I’m getting it together!,” life responds with, “Not so fast!” Yes, it works the other way, too: when I’m despairing, some beacon of hope lights up unexpectedly. But today, after that optimistic morning post, went haywire. Sure, I had a fun surf. I even made it to my car in time to be on time – so I thought. But, no. Red lights, endless construction resulting in everyone driving 40 mph instead of 70? Not so good. Bad, even. Lousy way to start the day. Sadly, things did not get better – although we did get the HIC board back, nicely repaired, thanks to Johnny Redboard.

Capper? Nick lost – lost – his insulin. Somewhere between P.E. and soccer practice. Thankfully he noticed before the pharmacy closed, so crisis was averted. (I suppose; he and Bobby have not yet returned.)

I could go on, but really, it was just one of those days. (Jennifer and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?) I think I’ll put on more water for tea and wish for a better tomorrow.