I was supposed to get Nick’s bloodwork done by now. He was supposed to be in San Francisco on Monday for an endoscopy.

But I haven’t. If he’d been having problems, if the indications of celiac disease manifested, then, of course, I’d drop everything and deal with it. Since his only health issues concern his blood sugar, I’ve focused on figuring out insulin-related solutions – and with all life’s other pressing demands, taking him to St. Joe’s to get poked and to UCSF to have him put under, have a tube put down his throat and a piece of his intestine snipped out, well, I haven’t been motivated to subject either of us to that.

I admit: I don’t want to do it. Unless he really needs it. I know we’re supposed to rule it out, but jeez, he’s just a kid. He’s thinking about soccer tryouts and managing sleepovers. Can’t this wait? Am I a bad mom for stalling over lack of symptoms?

I am not expecting answers to these questions. And I know we will need to get this done – but if I can spare Nick some pain for a while, I think I will.